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Our Corporate Social Activities

Envoy Group places a high premium on CSR. Its relentless pursuit towards improving environment performance along with its involvement in community service makes it one of the most socially responsible conglomerates in the country.

- Road to Sustainability

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP):
Both groups apparel and textile divisions have state of the art effluent treatment plants to keep the environment fresh. The goal is to ensure that all effluents are biologically treated with near zero discharge by using the treated water for irrigation and in flush tanks.

Power Generation:
The apparel and textile division has its own captive power plant which uses gas. Uninterrupted power and use of gas helps to control the pollution.

Rainwater Harvesting:
The textile division use rain water harvesting to ensure recharging the ground water.

The textile division has built an ecological park located within its premises. This will help reduce the noise pollution and ensure that factory surroundings remain cooler, thus reduce electricity consumption. This will also help reduce soil erosion and maintain an ecological balance by providing suitable habitat for birds and animals. This Eco-Park is also an inside premises recreation for the employees.