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Envoy Group places a high premium on CSR. Its relentless pursuit towards improving environment performance along with its involvement in community service makes it one of the most socially responsible conglomerates in the country.

- Our Community

Staff Quarters:
Our groups various divisions which are located outside of Dhaka accommodate workers and their families for free of cost.

The group's various divisions have the facility of in-house cafeteria which provides hygienic meals and snacks to all its workers and staffs.

Company Transport:
The company provides transport service to employees to and fro from head office to other various units located outside of Dhaka.

Provident Fund:
The group has introduced provident fund for our employees to ensure a secured life after retirement.

Security Fund:
A fund that the group provides to help an employee to emplace sudden severe health issues, accidents etc.

Annual Employee Festival:
An annual employee festival is organized by various units within the group for their employees and their families for motivation and recreation.

Medical Consultancy:
Various units of the group have arranged physicians to monitor employees' physical condition during work.

Emergency Ambulance Service:
The group's Emergency ambulance service is on call 24/7 for all employees in need of any severe medical attention immediately.

Free Medical Treatment Centre:
The group has opened 3 non-profitable organizations in both Dhaka and outside, which provides free health care services to the underprivileged of the society.

Old Home Shelter :
Recently the group started a 75 bed old home shelter at the outskirts of the city, providing care and support to the aged and underprivileged people of the society.

Health & Fitness:
The group has established fitness center for all employees to exercise after or before their office hours to live a healthy and fit life.

Training Centre:
The group's training centre is located at the corporate tower. It is here where all employees are trained according to the necessity of their job by our specialized trainers. This centre has a capacity of training 55 employees.

Affiliation With Various NGO's:
The group has extended its helping hand towards numerous NGO's of the country among which is CRP, a fully functional Rehabilitation Center which not only provides excellent treatment to spinal injured patients, through medical interventions, therapies, counseling, vocational retraining and supporting in securing micro-credit loans.